バナナファームを2週間で辞めた理由@イニスフェール/The reasons for why we ditched banana farm in 2 weeks in Innisfail.


Long time no see!



It’s been a couple of weeks since our last post. In this short period of time, we have been discussing our future direction over and over.



And we ended up…





ditching banana job and going back to Cairns!!




It wasn’t easy to come to this result.



At first, we had planned to come to Australia at the beginning of its summer. And we were so motivated when we actually started working, but we kinda have lost the reason for working in a farm.



Let us further talk about this later.



First, I want to update you guys what actually farm jobs are like judging from our own experiences.



Those who’ve been wondering to start working in a banana farm would better consider some facts including


  1. 本当に2年目のためにファームをやる必要があるのか!?
  2. バナナファームの街イニスフェールは、家賃が高いのと、今円高なので、思ったより稼げない
  3. とにかく虫や動物がたくさん(ゴ〇ブリ、ネ〇ミ、カ〇ル、その他小さい虫全般)
  4. 単純作業を繰り返す


  1.  If you really have to do that or not.
  2.  In Innisfail, the town of banana, rents are relatively pricey for the wages especially for Japanese people since Yen’s been going up against AUS$ lately.
  3. houses and of course farms are infested by roaches, rats and other tiny bugs.
  4. jobs are usually tedious.




There are lots of kinds of farms, such as taking care of animals and harvesting fruits. Other than bananas, there are apples, strawberries, raspberries farms and so on.

salary method will be either fixed hourly rate or commission system.



Well, Innisfail is something like, let’s say this town is made out of banana farms. By the way, our farm is so called the most strict one around this area.  the wage is AUS$23.66 and we thought we could earn lots of money during this busiest season. However…





we’ve heard that banana is a super hard work. And for us, it was physically too hard to keep doing and we both have got injured on our wrists. Now we both can’t even carry small things. His hand’s been sticky with some gooey thing  from banana. I don’t know what that’s called though. And his middle finger’s got internal bleeding.



We’d been told that we would get used to the pain and so we managed to keep working for 2 weeks. However, since Shin’s wrists had been permanently injured because of break dancing that he used to do, It’s got worse along with his hand.

So we’ve decided to quit this job before his hands totally become useless.



We have also considered other options, such as changing the farm or moving to other city to look for something other than banana. But the question was, DO WE HAVE TO DO FARM JOBS FOR SECOND YEAR??



This is a personal matter, but we’ve been planning to start some business back in Japan, and this vision was just getting clearer. Thus, we thought we might not going to stay in Australia for 2 years.



(We should’ve thought about this much earlier….)




Another reason for our leaving is that the pricey rent and bugs. Well I guess I was not cut out for this job from the beginning.


◆↓イニスフェールでの私の虫との戦いについてはこちら/Check out our article below about my struggles with bugs in Innisfail ↓◆


ファームジョブより何よりきついのはゴキブリに顔の上を歩かれることである。/ Anything is durable but a cockroach crawling on my face.


Of course, there are people who love working in a farm and have been working for 2 years, or moving to other city every 3 months.



Again, we should’ve consider all these matters more carefully and earlier, but people say life is all about experiences.



If we should change our mind and want another year, then we just have to go to another farm. We will have to work TOTALLY for 3 months which means we’ve already done it for  2 weeks.





We hit the street and took a walk around the city before we leave.








there’s nothing.



and the weather is terrible.



December rainy season here, and we’ve got tropical shower every other day.



Finally, we are going back to Cairns this weekend! and are super excited to be starting a brand new life out there.



See ya soon.



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